I would like to help

Are you willing to help manage the coronavirus pandemic? We are looking for volunteers. Anyone who would like to help with babysitting or help provide for the needs of seniors can sign up. Those of you who have IT or other skills are needed as well. Students of the Faculty of Medicine will be utilized for special, professional purposes. We also welcome volunteers from outside Brno (including the public).

I would like to participate.
How shall I let you know?

Students and employees of MU (with the exception of the Faculty of Medicine) can apply through this form by logging in through Office365 (it is necessary to enter an e-mail in the form UČO@muni.cz) and entering the primary password.

Students of the Faculty of Medicine can apply here. They will be utilized for special, professional purposes.

Public volunteers can apply using this form.

In the form, choose an activity you are interested in. Then you will be contacted.

The forms contain a question asking about your special knowledge and skills. Please do not underestimate it. At this moment, sewing skills are needed; however, this might change within a few days. The more relevant pieces of information we have, the more effective help we are able to offer

I am already in the Volunteer Database.
What shall I do?

Do not worry. Once we receive a request for the help that corresponds to your profile, we will contact you.

We do not know how long the state of emergency will last. Your help will be needed for a long time. If we have not contacted you yet, it is likely to change in the following weeks.

You can help now by spreading information about our volunteer help to those most in need. Print out the attached leaflet or poster.

In shops, canteens and at bus stops we can attract attention of people who need our help but do not know that they can ask for it.

Thank you!

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